From peer-to-peer marketing to data mining, “The Cyber & Material Character” is a series of performance installations exploring how technology, once heralded for its emancipatory potential, has been coopted for profit, along with our digital identities. As automation replaces traditional forms of labor, menial labor is increasingly virtual, made invisible, and outsourced. When information is product and attention is currency, virtual bodies exist as content factories manufacturing everything from clickbait to intimacy. (2018)
with Stephanie Ballantine & Lena Chen

In the performative space that is the world wide web, functions as an agency that employs artists and members of the public to manufacture performances in the form of virtual and material actions (e.g. “I will promote you on social media”, “I will interpret your dream”). Part-office, part- peep show, the platform utilizes computer screens as two-way mirrors which reveal the banal and exploitative parallels between the modern gig economy, artistic labour, and sex work. Blurring the lines between contract workers providing services and artists performing artwork, the Cybopticon is an endless loop of production and consumption that mirrors our desires at any cost.

curated by Baruch Gottlieb for Feedback #2: Marshal Mcluhan & The Arts @ Eigen+Art Lab 2018