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00_club tropicana, outdoor view, maansi
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tom coates _it's love, it's love, it's f
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Club Tropicana was curated by Esben Holk and Maansi Jain at Dada Post in Berlin DE, from aug 25, 2019 to sept 14, 2019

featuring work by: Anastasia Muna and Geovanna Gonzalez, Antochrist, Bad Art Presents: Anna Chotova and Thomas Coates, Clusterduck, Francesco Petruccelli, Hedda Grevle Ottesen, House of Killing ft. Esben Holk, Hugo Hutchins, Ida Dorthea Thorrud, Maansi Jain and Lemia Monet. Tunes at the opening party by No Shade’s Grinderteeth, Perifaflex, Folly Ghost with support by Samuel Gieben, Camilla Rae Lutz, and Tarrou.

Food by Biri Bibi.

event photos by luca cerciello & maansi jain