Search for 3 tarot cards blowing in the wind using your AWSD keys and mouse to move around. Each card will reveal a step in your reading. The first card will be your present, the second will your past and the third will be your future. Read more below. Press start to begin.

Developed for online digital tarot readings, this Digital Tarot Landscape™️ renders new Jennifer Aniston Superfans™️ tarot cards for each visitor. Click begin and start your introspective tarot reading journey right here!

Focus in on your urgent contemplations. What is important to you? What gives you power – and negotiates your power? What metaphors describe you? What season of friends resembles your life currently?

Use the crystals, the signs, your digital mobility and spiritual instinct, to discover the 3 cards that has manifested themselves in front of you. Each card represents you in 3 different iterations: 1) Your past, which present the information you currently instance, 2) Your present which present your material, your body and this moment, and 3) Your future which will navigate and guide you. Which is which depends on how you find them,

When you find a card- indulge in its symbolisms: recognize that it is your mirror and see that you are Jennifer Aniston, and that you are informing your own next step.

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