Solo Shows: 

2020 (C)LICK, Kunsthalle Alles Toll, Berlin 

2019 HIBERNATION (with the Inkubator Collective), Dada Post, Berlin / JENNIFER ANISTON SUPERFANS (with Maansi Jain & Cara Lien), Retramp Gallery, Berlin

2018 HOUSE OF KILLING & THE SEARCH FOR SEROTONIN (with Ida Dorthea Thorrud & Petra Warming), Organon, Odense

2017 WELCOME TO THE INTERNET- R U ALSO LOST?, Artspace Helmut, Leipzig + New Contemporary Art Museum, Bergen


2020 INKUBATOR RESIDENCY Vol. 2 BODY OCCUPATION (with the Inkubator Collective), Dada Post, Berlin

2019 CLUB TROPICANA (with Maansi Jain), Dada Post, Berlin

2018 EQUIVOCATIONS.LIVE (with Ingeborg Wie), online

2016 THE ARTSPACE IS A SHITTY WEBPAGE (with Ingeborg Wie), Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen 


2017 TOUR w/ ENSEMBLE DU BOUT DU MONDE, KET TV + Baumstrasse + Six Dogs, Athens / WELCOME TO MY HOMEPAGE, online @ Museum of Human Achievement, Texas

Group Shows: 

2020 DIE DIGITALE FESTIVAL, WeltKunstZimmer, Dusseldorf / SOUND NIGHT, Panke.Gallery, Berlin / WELLNOW.WTF,, online / ART WILL SAVE US,, online

2019 PARALLEL SCREENS, Hermes Artes Visuais, Sao Paolo, Porto Vista Hotel,  San Diego, Nova, Weimar / #PACKYOURSTUFF,, online / MAKE URLSELF AT HOME, Arebyte on Screen, online / FANFICTION, Ballhaus Ost, Berlin / FANDOM, Bad Art Presents @ Pearls & Bones Gallery, London / QUEER TECH,, online / TESSALONIKI QUEER ARTS FESTIVAL, Tessaloniki, Greece / MATINEE 28, Berlin Art Weekend, Berlin / PORNCEPTUAL, Magazine, Berlin / SUITORS (with Cara Lien), Momentum Biennale Gallery F 15, Oslo

2018 STRANGELOVE FESTIVAL, Antwerp, Belgium / INSOLENCE: THE PREROGATIVE OF YOUTH, Dada Post, Berlin / FEEDBACK #2: MARSHALL MCLUHAN & THE ARTS, Eigen+Art Lab, Berlin/ INTERNET FAME, The Wrong Biennale @ Panke.Gallery, Berlin / PERFORMANCE ART FESTIVAL BERLIN, Panke.Gallery, Berlin 

2017 ALLOW ME TO INTRODUCE MYSELF, Pro Temp @ Sussane Ottensen Gallery, Copenhagen / SELFCIETY, WhiteBox Gallery, Munich

*hard as in not soft. **weaponized as in turned into a weapon. ***anti-essentialist queer as being deliberately alienated from meaning, ontological density and prescriptive essentialism.